Community Support

Community Support

Increasing human activities around park boundaries have a capacity to depress wildlife populations as well as the habitat. Firstly, by competing with wildlife, either directly for space or indirectly for resources that are used by domestic stock and human population and secondly, by direct exploitation, particularly through illegal hunting and deforestation. On the other hand, wildlife has negative effects on humans. These may include damage to property, crops and livestock and sometimes cause human death or bodily injuries, spread of diseases to domestic stock and competition for pasture and water.  To generate support from communities to conserve and protect the biodiversity in the project areas, we need to support communities in order for them to support our cause. To date we have provided learning material, stationary and desks to support community schools, we have provided water tanks and have also started an enterprising project in The Tsavo Conservation area by initiating a fruit farming project to generate income for the communities.


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