butterflyWho Are Care for the Wild Kenya

Care for the Wild Kenya is an effective Wildlife, Community and Environmental Organisation dedicated to protecting animals from cruelty and exploitation and at the same time addressing the issues of habitat destruction as well as addressing community needs who use the same space as wild animals. Our projects revolve around direct and practical aid and raise awareness to the plight of animals in Kenya. Care for the Wild Kenya was founded by Asgar Pathan (Current Director) with support from Chris Jordan (Than CEO of Care for the Wild International) and Chairman Adil Khawaja in 1994 to oversee projects initiated by Care for the Wild International. Over the years Care for the Wild Kenya initiated its own projects but continued managing projects for Care for the Wild International. As the years went by, CFTWK partnered with other International organisations who had no representation in Kenya to manage their projects. We boast a team of dedicated, well qualified, passionate and experienced members.

leafProject Areas

During the early days we concentrated in the Tsavos, managing the construction of the Ithumba headquarters, Chyulu Hills National Park Headquarters for Care for the Wild International, roads in the northern area Tsavo East, fire breaks, fuel for security, anti-poaching vehicles for KWS and much more. Later on we added Masai Mara Game reserve as our second project area, mainly dealing with bush meat trade and poaching.


windmillThe Future

True to life in general, economic and profit factors are never far from the core of whats at stake. Without involving communities in conserving and protecting wildlife and environment, the significance of conservation is difficult to achieve. Communities are the most powerful aspect of conservation. CFTWK strongly believes the future of conservation lies in the hands of communities. With a dedicated team and support we are sure to lay the foundation for a bright future.

lifesaverSaving lives

The project areas we work in are home to a variety of wild species and two of the most endangered, the elephant and rhino. All wildlife need protection and each specie plays an important role in the chain. With current trends in poaching for ivory and rhino horn as well as the bushmeat trade, our efforts to save wildlife has to increase. Our core activities involve rescuing  wildlife from the dangers of human activities such as snares and other hunting devices. Over the years we have managed to save thousands of animals from a very painful death.


recycleCommunity Projets

We believe whilst protecting wildlife, we can not ignore communities who share the same land with wildlife. Hence our community projects involve education, enterprising projects, human wildlife conflict mitigation, water storage facilities and are looking into other projects which will support communities and in return protect wildlife.


earthHabitat Protection

Habitat destruction is a major challenge we are facing in the conservation industry. We have initiated a tree planting exercise in our project areas and plan to plant as many trees as possible.

lampGreat Innovations

Let us all take time to think and visualise what the future holds for us. Do we want a world without wildlife, do we want a world barren of trees, do we want a dark future with a nature stolen of all its glories? If not we need to act NOW. Care for the Wild Kenya has a vision, but a vision without your support can not be achieved. Let us act right and play a role in protecting and conserving what nature has bestowed upon us. Let us observe what we are doing to destroy nature, then think positively how to counter react, start making a change first within ourselves, dare those who are destroying, try and educate as many people as possible on protecting mother nature and its gifts, empower communities who are the custodians of both flora and fauna. Join us today and lets make the world a better place.






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