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What We Do

earthProtecting Species

Our core aim is to promote the conservation and welfare of wildlife in Kenya through direct and indirect projects, regardless of being or not being endangered. Each specie has an important role to play in the ecosystems and are key to the survival of the other.

lampConserving Places

Habitat protection is an important element in conserving wildlife. Forests play an important role providing breeding grounds for many species. Forests also keep a check and balance on the much needed water. Ungulates, migratory and other species depend the savannah for fodder. Without habitat protection, wildlife conservation has a bleak future. We are committed in addressing both issues.

recycleTackling Threats

Wildlife poaching has reached levels of global crisis. Key biodiversity targets specifically hunted for meat and trophies include large and small migratory and sedentary ungulates. Carnivores are also impacted secondarily by reduction in their prey base or hunted for trophies. Our anti poaching teams are constantly battling with poachers to reduce these threats.

butterflyEmpower Communities

Working with communities is the way forward in order to protect wildlife and habitat. Our community projects range from educational support, community enterprising projects, environmental and wildlife education, and providing water storage facilities

windmillCultivate Partners

Success in conservation can only be achieved through support at local as well as international level. We are open to partnerships at both levels.

leafChange The Future

‘Be the change you want to see in this world’ Mahatma Gandhi

The future starts and ends with us. We all have a responsibility toward our planet and how we respect the gifts that nature has provided us. Global warming, poaching, deforestation, habitat destruction all are caused by humans. Lets be the change and make a positive difference.

Our Work

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    Snaring wildlife for bushmeat is a common practise in Africa. Snares are crude, indiscriminate killers and target all species leading to a very slow and painful death. We conduct de-snaring patrols, which is passive anti-poaching…

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    We protect wildlife and habitat from all sorts of threats. Bushmeat trade and poaching, Big game such as elephants and rhino poaching and habitat destruction are depleting our resources at an alarming rate.  Our dedicated…

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    Community Support

    Increasing human activities around park boundaries have a capacity to depress wildlife populations as well as the habitat. Firstly, by competing with wildlife, either directly for space or indirectly for resources that are used by…